If you’re interested in photojournalism, travel writing is an area where you can really shine.

Photojournalists offer editors both professional quality photos and first class copy. Photojournalism involves more than holiday snaps. A photojournalist will be able to capture a dripping stalactite in a hidden cave, the enquiring eyes of a lion cub on a safari, or a surfer riding a wave in a way that’s original, moving, or spectacular. Photojournalism is all about capturing the moment and often you’ll have just a few seconds to get it right.

At the heart of photojournalism is a reportage style where images are shot as they are rather than carefully composed in an artificial way. It’s this authenticity that can really lift your pictures.

Add to your photos some colourful, imaginative, thought-provoking description and you may well have a very saleable photojournalism package to pitch to a magazine, newspaper or website.

Telling a story with photojournalism
Telling a story with photojournalism.

How do I get into travel photojournalism?

There’s nothing to stop an amateur simply sending in either an idea or a complete photojournalism package to an editor.  Many professionals have started that way, and it’s becoming even easier now we all carry smartphones all the time, most of which can take great photos.

But remember that your pictures will be competing for attention with dozens of others in the editor’s inbox.  If you want to take the luck factor out of travel photojournalism, one option is to complete a course to help you improve or expand upon your photojournalism skills. The Morris Journalism Academy’s specialist online travel course  ( will help you become competent in all aspects of travel writing to ensure you have more of a chance to be successful in photojournalism.

Photojournalism can help boost sales
Excellent travel writing and photojournalism go hand in hand. let us show you how.

What will I learn in a course about travel photojournalism?

One of the important lessons you’ll learn about photojournalism is that you need your excellent quality photos to be accompanied by equally strong words. A good course will help you understand what makes a good photo, and how to take it. It will also show you how to write copy, including choosing an angle to your story, how to write an intro, how to end an article and the best way to structure it.

A good course will assist you to decide what makes a good subject for travel photojournalism.  Your job is to try and bring something new to your readers. An upcoming destination or a new angle on a popular one will do just that with pictures and accompanying works – your travel writing and photojournalism skills will be a perfect complement to each other.

For instance, it would be a little dull to photograph the landmarks of say Sydney or Melbourne and then describe them in the same old patter a million tourist guides have used over the decades. That’s fine to tell your family and friends, but it’s certainly not quality photojournalism.

Undertaking The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course will assist you to have a better understanding of what the travel market requires to set you on your way to success with photojournalism. For more information click here.

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